Buyers Agent

No matter what your level of experience, sourcing from China will present many challenges, as well as opportunities. We help you to identify these opportunities, manage risk, minimize cost, and optimize your supply chain by removing all intermediaries and delivering you products direct from the source.

We have agents professional China sourcing agents in Shenzhen City Guangdong Province China , at the heart of Pearl River Delta. Shenzhen has emerged as one of the global procurement centers From Shenzhen we have immediate access to the manufacturers in Guangzhou, Dong Guan and Foshan

Benefits of using a Buyers Agent

  • Local agents placed in the manufacturing hub working for your best interests
  • Ability to offer quality control checks before shipping
  • Local knowledge of industry passing those savings on to you
Depending on the Comodity and lead time for manufacturing orders can be completed and ready for shipment in 3 days
Atlas processing Fee –  5% of sale price
For order over 10,000 – 4% of Sale Price
Any order over 20,000 – 3% of sale price
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