Atlas Customs and logistics see these future technologies as a way of leveling the playing field for the smaller business owners and entrepreneurs out there.

As it has in so many other industries, however, technology quickly came along and changed the game for all time and for the better. From containerization during the 60’s & 70’s and broad adoption of computers during the 90’s the freight industry has gone through several defining changes.

To us we are upon the edge of another adaption, the adaption of cloud computing and the integration of the “internet of things” is going to again change the industry in many ways. We believe that the adoption of these future technologies are the future to lowering freight forwarding and customs clearance costs while offering the customer more services and visibility than ever before.

We are a team with decades of industry experience that has seen these coming changes and felt the industry can do better, we can operate faster and work without the high overheads of large paper based operations. It’s this passion to “lead the change” in our industry that was the catalyst for Atlas Customs & Logistics Pty Ltd.

We specialize in assisting the smaller importer who otherwise would not be able to get the best rates or level of service form the larger industry players. With Extensive knowledge in all aspects of customs clearance, duty mitigation and an ever growing network of agents we believe we can offer an unparalleled level of service to our customers.

About Atlas Customs & Logistics